Drazin Vrt - Bajova Kula

It is written in the books there is no smaller place which gave so many sailors, captains, navigators, ship makers like Drazin Vrt. The fishing village of15 households really has a remarkable history. Today, Drazin Vrt is one of the most popular vacation spots in Boka Kotorska Bay for both locals and tourists coming from abroad. Surrounded by mountains with the most beautiful views on Kotor Bay, it is the line where magic meets reality.

Bajova Kula

Located next to our residence complex, Bajova Kula beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Boka Kotorska Bay and Montenegro coast. A gravel beach about 60m long surrounded with trees and flowers has amazingly clean water. This is mainly because of the mix of the sources coming from nearby mountains that constantly refresh the sea even in the hottest periods of the summer. A beach is facing southeast with charming views on Kotor and mountain peaks above it (Lovcen mountain). Elegantly designed beach bar & restaurant has comfortable sunbeds with a reasonable distance so guests can have a perfect relaxation and escape from everyday life. The interesting fact is the name of the beach- it is given after legendary Montenegrin hero Bajo Pivljanin, who built a tower here in the 17th century that served as his summer home for short but peaceful rest between the many battles against the Ottoman army.